Our Cutting-edge Digital Solutions for the Martell Boutique, Haitang Bay, China

DITOC has worked closely with the travel retail industry for many years, and we were excited to work with Pernod Ricard on the recent world premier of their Martell Boutique at the Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex in Haitang Bay, Hainan.

We created and installed the large, custom-made LED screen that showcases Martell’s products through 4K content. Naturally, this is designed for visual impact and to draw shoppers into the retail space.

Perhaps what makes the screen impressive, though, is how we were able to make the Martell logo appear to be integrated right into the screen, when in fact it is separate and actually floats on top of it – an engineering feat we are proud to have achieved.

Pioneering Touchless Technology  
Martell employed a number of our innovative digital solutions to create a streamlined, hygienic and impactful shopping experience inside the boutique.

One of the first things that customers see when they walk into the boutique is an interactive installation. Comprised of copper-like columns, the brand’s iconic bottles and an LED screen, it features our in-house developed touchless, “wave and learn” technology – visitors simply move their hand in front of a particular column and dedicated information about the product is revealed on screen. This fun, educational installation also helps staff with storytelling and selling.

Our screen strips were installed at eye-level on two shelves to highlight and activate stories for two products. These space-saving strips provide a great way for consumers to learn about brand offerings in an intimate and memorable way.

At the order counter – where customers order and pay for items prior to collection when leaving the airport – we installed a large TV that showcases Martell’s product-making process and history. Again, this serves to educate consumers and enhance brand awareness.

Convenient Content Management
The content shown on the façade and strip screens is managed by DITOC’s content management system, EasyMediaSign, which gives Martell the convenience to change content whenever they want and from any location.

The Future
As brands, in travel retail and luxury retail in general, look to how they can utilise the power of technology to connect and engage with their customers, DITOC will continue to develop digital technologies to bolster them – and push boundaries to help take retail forward.

EasyMediaSign Makes Content Management Simple & Convenient

As specialists in digital communications, we tailor visual designs and content to your specific requirements. But how do you manage your bespoke content? Our network of technicians can do this for you, but you can also do it yourself using our in-house developed content management system, 

EasyMediaSign lets you upload and update content on different types of digital displays – no matter the size – remotely from wherever you are. It’s a simple tool and you don’t have to be a specialist to use it! Being able to upload and/or update your content whenever you want is convenient and saves time waiting for someone else to do it for you.

EasyMediaSign is already being used in over 150 sites worldwide, and has proven to be invaluable to the renowned brands we work with.

Example of content for digital strip screen

Content Design & Editing
What about the content itself? Maybe you need ideas or have a concept in mind but don’t know how to develop it… DITOC can help with this. We can brainstorm with you and then storyboard your ideas to give you a clear vision. We film and edit content, too.

Strip Screens
Sometimes size matters! Super large screens can help to get your products seen by a bigger audience and your message across in an impactful way. However, there are spaces and situations that call for intimate communication – such as in-store environments.
Digital strip screens offer a great way to do this. For example, they can be positioned at eye-level in product display areas where your content will make an immediate impression. This creates a more engaging, informative experience for your consumers and makes your brand/products memorable.

Strip screens come in three types: 300, 600 and 900 and are easily installed. To find out more about these, EasyMediaSign and our content creation and editing, feel free to contact DITOC at info@easymediasign.com.

A look back at some references from 2019

International Digital Agency

With 300 projects completed in 2019, DITOC has proven its expertise in handling works of all sizes in diverse countries such as Australia, Cambodia, China, France, Hong Kong SAR, India, Korea, Macao SAR, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK, UAE and Vietnam.

Content Update & Management

DITOC provides a 360 content management solution:

  • Content: our graphic design team is able to work on any content in order to visually optimize its impact 
  • Extensive Network: On-site update and digital display testing
  • Remote content management system: EasyMediaSign has been chosen by many brands to provide a simple and easy way to download content to any digital display. In 2019, EasyMediaSign has been deployed in nearly 100 locations. 

Digital Engineering System

Digital solution provider, DITOC sources, supplies, installs and maintains any digital display screen from standard TV screen, video-projector or LED display screen. From small to large scale, DITOC provides custom made solution such as transparent, hologram, flexible, die-cutting, panoramic digital displays.

Video Shooting & Editing Service

DITOC offers to produce corporate videos dedicated to the retail industry in order to highlight:

  • Marketing & Sales best practices
  • Internal visual merchandising communication
  • Staff training & instructional content 
  • Brand communication content and video for social media

And also to communicate on the global launch of a brand new store design or brand activation during the holiday season.

DITOC provides the following services:

  • Full script and illustrated storyboard
  • Onsite video shoot with special effects as standard
  • Arrangement in all APAC and Europe
  • Professional voiceover & music
  • 2D or 3D animation, graphics, captions & post-production
  • Delivered as Full HD and 4K 
Best practices in activations for Givenchy travel retail: storyboarding, photo and video editing, post-production/editing with music and animations.
Best practices in activation for Martell travel retail: storyboarding, video shooting in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Sydney and Los Angeles, post-production/editing with music and animations.
3D modelling of the Biotherm store: 360 animation design based on the store plan.

DITOC and its integrated solutions

From institutional films, DITOC and its video production team can rework the content by meeting all inquiries such as

  • Resizing to all resolutions
  • Conversion to custom format
  • Subtitling in the local language
  • Rendering 

Our creative team can design dedicated content from animations, commercials, pack shots, storyboards…

In addition, our technical experts work on all aspects to design solutions that integrate perfectly with the requirements of visual merchandising and the theatralisation of sales area.

In recent months, we have installed different types of LED displays to meet these demands:

Hexagonal LED Display Wall – CHIVAS BROTHERS Whisky Zone Sydney Airport
Customised LED Display Wall HERA Beijing Hanguang Department Store

Full Curved LED Display wall HERA Singapore ION Orchard
LED Display Bars GIVENCHY Hong Kong Sunplaza
LED Display Screens SERGE LUTENS Hong Kong K11 Musea
Curved interactive LED display Wall CHIVAS BROTHERS Beijing Airport
LED stripes for gondola CHIVAS BROTHERS Singapore Changi Airport

Global Coverage: 
DITOC  is also a global network that covers all digital integration and deployment needs.
With more than a decade of experience, DITOC is the best partner for:

  • Content production, remote/on-site content management
  • Application/interface testing, deployment and integration
  • System sourcing, supplying, installing and maintaining 

Digital Content Management and Global Coverage with DITOC

The content of digital displays has become an impactful tool to catch the attention of consumers and attract them to the store. 
From there, communication campaigns are becoming more and more frequent and their screens must be updated as soon as possible.

With EasyMediaSign, DITOC offers a solution for remote content change from any digital medium (phone, tablet, computer), this system is perfect to:

  • Broadcast a new communication campaign in a few seconds, 
  • Display a promotional message, 
  • Change the content without going through an operator, 
  • Change different contents during the day or time…

Shiseido TR has chosen EasyMediaSign for its convenience in updating and monitoring its content in Asia, up to date 15 sites use EasyMediaSign:

Global Coverage: 
DITOC  is also a global network that covers all digital integration and deployment needs.
With more than a decade of experience, DITOC is the best partner for:

  • Content production, remote/on-site content management
  • Application/interface testing, deployment and integration
  • System sourcing, supplying, installing and maintaining 

Art Basel Hong Kong – Wayfinding: 
For the second year in a row, DITOC has been commissioned by Art Basel Hong Kong to develop a wayfinding solution. Installed all around the event, the 10 kiosks aim to help participants orient themselves during the show through the galleries, side events, facilities, but also, a window for partners and sponsors to communicate.
This year, DITOC integrated data collection and provide analysis on research done by users.

All About Brand Activations

For the launch of the Hong Kong Airport activation, Laboratoires FILORGA teamed up with DITOC to design and implement a dedicated digital Customer Engagement.

Promotion invites customers to turn a digital wheel of fortune to get an additional gift with their purchase.
Moreover, they sign up with their email to receive the latest news from the brand and discover valuable benefits about the different products.

Virtual Reality deployment:
For years, DITOC has managed regional and global installations for brands. It was natural that Martell contacted DITOC to deploy their Virtual Reality concept globally.

Working hand in hand with Martell, the agency and the various contractors, DITOC installed 6 activations in a very short time to launch the Chinese New Year campaign in Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and France.

We also assisted in training the promoters and daily monitoring on maintenance while reporting to the client.

AUSTRALIA – Sydney Airport

HONG KONG International Airport – Activation 1

HONG KONG International Airport – Activation 2

CHINA – Shanghai Airport

TAIWAN – Taipei Airport


Retail Digital Transformation with DITOC

As a digital agency, DITOC develops strategy to enhance retail customer journey.

All our implementations follow in stores mainstream :

  • Informative with brand awareness
  • Education with customer engagement
  • Entertainment with interactive experience
  • Collect data with outcomes evaluation

DITOC has been appointed by MERCH, a middle east chain of personal care and beauty stores, to design their retail digital ecosystem for their new opening in Doha, Qatar:

  • Brand awareness with Digital displays and walls
  • Education and entertainment with interactive touch points

The Digital Fragrance Wheel:
Each individual has different tastes in perfumery, from this fact, DITOC has designed a digital fragrance wheel to offer the opportunity to the shopper to select their best match and discover the perfumes associated to their taste.
Additionally, a dedicated placeholder under the digital display allows the buyer to place perfume bottles to learn more about the fragrance and related items.

The Fragrance Wheel and its families

Interactive touch points and tags to place bottles

The Digital Library:
To provide information point to shopper, DITOC has developed a digital catalogue listing all the products available in the MERCH store:

Video Formatting and editing:
From institutional movies provided by headquarters, DITOC can format and edit any video to suit any installation (large-scale, custom-made shape…)

Dior KP1 Bangkok, Thailand:
As a digital solution provider, DITOC supplied, installed 3 TV Walls and synchronised them to showcase and create in-store storytelling and enhance the brand.



Experience Brand’s Universe with DITOC

DITOC provides Digital Design Solutions by attracting customers with Wow effects and encouraging them to experience brand’s universe.

For the famous Tax Free World Association exhibition in Singapore, DITOC supplied and installed custom LED bars for Givenchy to create a disruptive effect on their stand.
Moreover based on their institutional movies, DITOC edited and formatted content to perfectly match the design of the LED bars.

For the gondolas of Chivas Brothers whiskies, DITOC developed a tablet application with a comprehensive catalogue of products to inform and educate shoppers on the particularity of their spirits.
In order to magnify their whisky centre, DITOC provided a LED solution to create a dynamic effect to attract shoppers with a simple sentence: “What makes a superior whisky superior?”

To enhance any visual area, DITOC supplies a wide offer of LED screens:
  • Small to Large-scale
  • Transparent and curtain LED
  • Flexible to create a curved shape
  • Circular shape
  • HD pixel pitch

Create innovative tools with DITOC to engage your audience

In the world of digital transformation, DITOC has been a pioneer in the implementation of innovative tools.
Our experience allows us to work in different fields for different industries, where everyone seeks to generate experience, education and engagement.

For this project, DITOC developed with its client Art Basel a wayfinding solution staged in 4 floors at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The intention is to provide information accessible and useful to visitors without overwhelming them, the user experience has been thought to focus on a very clean map and a handy menu for visitors to:

  • Explore and locate galleries, insights, discoveries, Kabinett and encounters
  • Navigate and get details of activities (films/conversations), partners and general information
  • Search engine
  • Choose the language in English or in Chinese

Few years ago, DITOC has implemented a multi-directory/wayfinding solutions for IFC Mall and Office in Shanghai. After 5 years, DITOC still provides update and maintenance services which is a perfect example of our long-term relationship with our clients.