Digital Content Management and Global Coverage with DITOC

The content of digital displays has become an impactful tool to catch the attention of consumers and attract them to the store. 
From there, communication campaigns are becoming more and more frequent and their screens must be updated as soon as possible.

With EasyMediaSign, DITOC offers a solution for remote content change from any digital medium (phone, tablet, computer), this system is perfect to:

  • Broadcast a new communication campaign in a few seconds, 
  • Display a promotional message, 
  • Change the content without going through an operator, 
  • Change different contents during the day or time…

Shiseido TR has chosen EasyMediaSign for its convenience in updating and monitoring its content in Asia, up to date 15 sites use EasyMediaSign:

Global Coverage: 
DITOC  is also a global network that covers all digital integration and deployment needs.
With more than a decade of experience, DITOC is the best partner for:

  • Content production, remote/on-site content management
  • Application/interface testing, deployment and integration
  • System sourcing, supplying, installing and maintaining 

Art Basel Hong Kong – Wayfinding: 
For the second year in a row, DITOC has been commissioned by Art Basel Hong Kong to develop a wayfinding solution. Installed all around the event, the 10 kiosks aim to help participants orient themselves during the show through the galleries, side events, facilities, but also, a window for partners and sponsors to communicate.
This year, DITOC integrated data collection and provide analysis on research done by users.

All About Brand Activations

For the launch of the Hong Kong Airport activation, Laboratoires FILORGA teamed up with DITOC to design and implement a dedicated digital Customer Engagement.

Promotion invites customers to turn a digital wheel of fortune to get an additional gift with their purchase.
Moreover, they sign up with their email to receive the latest news from the brand and discover valuable benefits about the different products.

Virtual Reality deployment:
For years, DITOC has managed regional and global installations for brands. It was natural that Martell contacted DITOC to deploy their Virtual Reality concept globally.

Working hand in hand with Martell, the agency and the various contractors, DITOC installed 6 activations in a very short time to launch the Chinese New Year campaign in Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and France.

We also assisted in training the promoters and daily monitoring on maintenance while reporting to the client.

AUSTRALIA – Sydney Airport

HONG KONG International Airport – Activation 1

HONG KONG International Airport – Activation 2

CHINA – Shanghai Airport

TAIWAN – Taipei Airport


Retail Digital Transformation with DITOC

As a digital agency, DITOC develops strategy to enhance retail customer journey.

All our implementations follow in stores mainstream :

  • Informative with brand awareness
  • Education with customer engagement
  • Entertainment with interactive experience
  • Collect data with outcomes evaluation

DITOC has been appointed by MERCH, a middle east chain of personal care and beauty stores, to design their retail digital ecosystem for their new opening in Doha, Qatar:

  • Brand awareness with Digital displays and walls
  • Education and entertainment with interactive touch points

The Digital Fragrance Wheel:
Each individual has different tastes in perfumery, from this fact, DITOC has designed a digital fragrance wheel to offer the opportunity to the shopper to select their best match and discover the perfumes associated to their taste.
Additionally, a dedicated placeholder under the digital display allows the buyer to place perfume bottles to learn more about the fragrance and related items.

The Fragrance Wheel and its families

Interactive touch points and tags to place bottles

The Digital Library:
To provide information point to shopper, DITOC has developed a digital catalogue listing all the products available in the MERCH store:

Video Formatting and editing:
From institutional movies provided by headquarters, DITOC can format and edit any video to suit any installation (large-scale, custom-made shape…)

Dior KP1 Bangkok, Thailand:
As a digital solution provider, DITOC supplied, installed 3 TV Walls and synchronised them to showcase and create in-store storytelling and enhance the brand.



Experience Brand’s Universe with DITOC

DITOC provides Digital Design Solutions by attracting customers with Wow effects and encouraging them to experience brand’s universe.

For the famous Tax Free World Association exhibition in Singapore, DITOC supplied and installed custom LED bars for Givenchy to create a disruptive effect on their stand.
Moreover based on their institutional movies, DITOC edited and formatted content to perfectly match the design of the LED bars.

For the gondolas of Chivas Brothers whiskies, DITOC developed a tablet application with a comprehensive catalogue of products to inform and educate shoppers on the particularity of their spirits.
In order to magnify their whisky centre, DITOC provided a LED solution to create a dynamic effect to attract shoppers with a simple sentence: “What makes a superior whisky superior?”

To enhance any visual area, DITOC supplies a wide offer of LED screens:
  • Small to Large-scale
  • Transparent and curtain LED
  • Flexible to create a curved shape
  • Circular shape
  • HD pixel pitch

Create innovative tools with DITOC to engage your audience

In the world of digital transformation, DITOC has been a pioneer in the implementation of innovative tools.
Our experience allows us to work in different fields for different industries, where everyone seeks to generate experience, education and engagement.

For this project, DITOC developed with its client Art Basel a wayfinding solution staged in 4 floors at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The intention is to provide information accessible and useful to visitors without overwhelming them, the user experience has been thought to focus on a very clean map and a handy menu for visitors to:

  • Explore and locate galleries, insights, discoveries, Kabinett and encounters
  • Navigate and get details of activities (films/conversations), partners and general information
  • Search engine
  • Choose the language in English or in Chinese

Few years ago, DITOC has implemented a multi-directory/wayfinding solutions for IFC Mall and Office in Shanghai. After 5 years, DITOC still provides update and maintenance services which is a perfect example of our long-term relationship with our clients.



Enhance your activations

DITOC would like to wish you a happy Chinese New Year, full of great Fortune and Health!
This New Year is arriving on February 16, 2018 which is the 4715th Chinese year. For the story, Dogs are honest and loyal, the truest friends and most reliable partner you’ll ever find.

The holiday season is a great opportunity to share gift to your customers and to your relatives,  DITOC has developed 2 applications to engage customers during brand activation with digital:

Ballantine’s launches a new activation based on a whisky gift box which can be personalised and offered to relatives.
DITOC has designed the personalisation with a  digital interface where customers can write a message on an interactive installation. After confirmation, the message is printed out and animators help to stick it on the whisky box.

This season greetings activation by Martell give the opportunity to customers to participate in a lucky draw by picking up a digital red pocket and to be able to win additional gifts.



Your Partner in Digital Deployment 

With an unparalleled international network, DITOC has developed privileged
relations with partners across the globe to provide the best services.

DITOC network has proved its efficientness and its expertise in:

– Audio-Visual
– Equipment Sourcing, Supplying and Testing
– Fitting and Equipment Installation
– System Integration and Update

– Content Update
– Interactive Installation
– Server and Network Set Up
– Software Update

Maintenance and support:
– On-site Operator, Support for Events
– Technology Lifecycle Management
– International Helpdesk

– Staff Usage Best Practice
– Staff Training

DITOC enables his clients to talk to only one interlocutor on every step from concept design to installation to maintenance (1-3 years later).
DITOC network is currently handling over 350 installations across the globe



Multi Sensory Experience by DITOC

While online world appeals to two senses: sight and sound, stores can engage in five senses to create a brand experience that customers couldn’t possibly get online.
DITOC has developed a solution to link the senses of touch/smell even taste with sight and hearing to bring and to enhance emotional connection to the brand.

Visual, Touch and Olfactive experience:

While shopper is nosing the whisky from the glass, a dedicated movie is displaying to enhance the nosing notes with visuals.

A stand is installed front of a gondola and invite shopper to pick up the product and to display a specific content. Shoppers can also test the perfume while watching the product video.