Summer Class Projects

During our summer classes, we took the opportunity to perfectly spread our expertise in the fields of:
– Developing Microsite campaigns       – Designing 2D&3D animations
– Installing digital displays                         – Working on new developments
– Launching version 2.0 of the platform EasyMediaSign

Microsite Campaign and In-store Brand Awareness:

Ballantine’s 30years old is the ultimate in Super Premium Scotch whisky and is one of the best selling in Travel Retail across Asia.

DITOC has designed an O2O campaign with a classy Microsite to discover this limited edition and inviting user to register to redeem an exclusive gift.

For In-store, our graphic design team has created dedicated 2D and 3D animations to tease shoppers and explore Ballantine’s 30 years old universe.

Installations and maintenance of digital displays:

Our Programmers have developed a version 2.0 of our Online Content Management platform with new features such as compatibility with new formats.
  New Development:

Also this summer, we have deeply worked on the VR Vive to integrate to our catalogue of solutions such as in-store brand experience with gamification or 360 video or even 3D rendering of concept store for staff to have a better feeling of boutique space.

At DITOC, we believe in physical and digital convergence where online experience drives customers to shop and where retail store becomes an application. Along his purchasing journey, consumer needs to be stimulated by different interests which can be defined under gamification, entertainment, brand education and interaction. The transformation of both, online and offline, to create one Unit will be beneficial for the brands to have better feedbacks, to adjust its offer with big data, to retain and to keep loyal customers.


To create a holiday season atmosphere, DITOC has edited communication movies of its client Shiseido and design dedicated animations to be showcased on store digital signages.
4 movies are displayed separately and highlight holiday gifts to entice shoppers of the mall: For Her, For Him, For Family and For Friends.

On-site Content Management:
A dedicated application has been developed by DITOC to allow front-line staffs to control digital signages and change easily displayed contents.

The purpose of this application is to focus on holiday gift boxes that staffs want to promote and to change content to be not redundant during this crucial period.

The System:
Wi-Fi modules to link digital signages to a 4G router. Tablet controls all the system through the router.
Our scope of works:
  • Digital Design Solution
  • Application development
  • Installation
  • Video formatting and editing
  • Content design with 2D and 3D animations
  • Maintenance service


To boost sales for its client Ballantine’s, DITOC has worked on “Echoes of Wood“, a user experience concept to educate and engage shoppers.

The Concept:
Shopper is invited to discover 10 digital animations through an interactive installation based on sliding a glass on a tree trunk to highlight the importance of oak in the Ballantine’s 21 years American Oak.

World second selling Scotch Whisky, Ballantine’s wants to promote this exclusive liquid for Travel Retail during an activation of 2 months in 3 spots at Incheon Airport (Concourse, East Main, West Main) and 1 spot at Jeju Airport.

Our scope of works:

  • Digital Design Solution
  • Application development
  • Installation & calibration
  • Content formatting and editing
  • Maintenance service

To fit into the season, DITOC develops marketing messages to tease shoppers with meaningful content and to heighten the visibility of a brand and products in boutiques.
DITOC aims to understand its clients’ DNA, marketing needs and brand guideline to design dedicated digital communication.

Based on marketing brief, DITOC creates 4 different animations for its client Burt’s Bees following the seasons: Christmas, Chinese New Year, Spring, Summer, Mid-Autumn Festival and Autumn.

Burt’s Bees:
For years, Burt’s Bees has provided personal care products of all types that not only supply nourishing and revitalising effects, but that are also healthy for the environment and for consumers.
Our scope of works:
  • Digital Design Solution
  • Installation & calibration : 40″ TV display
  • Content design and editing with 30 seconds animation
  • Maintenance service


For the renovation of their shop in shop, Moet Hennessy has nominated DITOC to create an impactful way to enhance Hennessy awareness, at Taoyuan Airport, Taiwan. 

The idea is to make a difference to traditional static light box with active brand communication to entice passengers right after they arrive at the duty-free area.

Large scale Panoramic TV wall to create a unique curved installation.


Our scope of works:

  • Digital Design Solution
  • Installation & calibration : 20 x Panoramic 28″ TV
  • Maintenance service

Following the launch of the new fragrance Live Irrésistible, Givenchy Parfums has appointed DITOC expertises to magnify their shop in shop in Sephora flagship, Champs Elysées in Paris. 

The objective is to enhance brand’s awareness by engaging client to interact with the communication key visuals: the ambassador Amanda Seyfried and the fragrance Live Irrésistible.

Application designed for a TV touchscreen which allows user to navigate through tailor made animations based on marketing campaign.


Our scope of works:

  • Programming and Design of all animations
  • Installation & calibration : 85″ TV and interactive system with controller
  • Maintenance service

Mumbai Airport is the second busiest airport in India and deserves country’s business centre.  Another fact is this market consumes the most whisky in the world by far (1.5 billion litres in 2014).
Top single malt and blended whisky in the world and in India, it is natural that Chivas Brothers desires to be more impactful in this fast growing market.
DITOC was naturally selected to propose user experience tools to enhance the new Chivas Brothers boutique in Mumbai Airport.


  • 2 RFID systems were implemented to invite visitors to place Glenlivet and Chivas Regal bottles on a sensor to discover the different expressions of their range.
  • 2 interactive tables welcome users to learn more about history of the brands.

Our scope of works:

  • System Programming: RFID and interactive tables.
  • Design: creation or alteration of all graphics for the applications.
  • Installation and Maintenance.
For the launch of the new BMW X1, BMW requested to transform visitors of the Hong Kong Tennis Open into potential clients. DITOC designed a data collection application with an interactive game to allow participants to win at a lucky draw.


Our client gets a list of 500 prospects with accurate and up-to-date details as name, address, email, phone number and current car model.
This information is especially interesting for the sales team to contact, offer and present not only the BMW X1 but all the BMW range.
  • Data collection with an application where visitors of the BMW booth registered through a tablet.
  • Touchless game with a motion controller which allows the user to control and interact with the TV Wall front of him. By moving the hands, players removed the tennis balls and got the hint from the background.
  • Once hint found, players participated in the lucky draw.

Our scope of works:

  • Programming: a special application for data collection and an interactive game.
  • Design: creation or alteration of all graphics for the application and the game.
  • Marketing: data collection for our client to follow up with visitors.