To create a holiday season atmosphere, DITOC has edited communication movies of its client Shiseido and design dedicated animations to be showcased on store digital signages.
4 movies are displayed separately and highlight holiday gifts to entice shoppers of the mall: For Her, For Him, For Family and For Friends.

On-site Content Management:
A dedicated application has been developed by DITOC to allow front-line staffs to control digital signages and change easily displayed contents.

The purpose of this application is to focus on holiday gift boxes that staffs want to promote and to change content to be not redundant during this crucial period.

The System:
Wi-Fi modules to link digital signages to a 4G router. Tablet controls all the system through the router.
Our scope of works:
  • Digital Design Solution
  • Application development
  • Installation
  • Video formatting and editing
  • Content design with 2D and 3D animations
  • Maintenance service